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The Artist

The Artist

Indu Ramkumar loves to paint, bringing to life the beauty of every day objects around her. She is constantly searching for patterns, the juxtapositions of forms and shapes that create exciting compositions. Trees are an endless source of inspiration: the forms of the branches, the layers of leaves. She finds beauty in the old and worn, the gritty and abandoned objects.

She is an avid experimenter and student of various media. She started young, drawing with chalks on the walls of her home as a child. She went on to watercolor and guache, often using paint extruded directly from tubes. She graduated to oils and watercolors using the traditional technique. Recently she discovered encaustics the ancient technique using colors suspended in beeswax as well as acrylics, a very modern medium.

When it comes to colors she likes to be experimental and adventurous. She comes from India, a land known for the intensity and vibrancy of its colors. She often starts with the color she sees but moves on to the impression of the colors she senses. Her love of experimentation often results in colors that are completely abstracted from reality, but are driven by the composition of the work and the lively play between colors.

Through her life's journey across three continents, she has engaged with her surroundings through art. Drawing inspiration from the myriad of color, variety and richness of life in each country she has travelled in, she creates paintings that evoke a sense of longing, reflection and visual excitement.